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Lots o' Peterborough Shows!


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I'm just looking at all the Peterborough shows coming up for the Winter and I must say I'm pretty excited! Considering how small this place is, we've got a pretty good line-up. Just thought I'd share:

Every Wednesday - The Silver Hearts

Jan 10 - Cuff The Duke w/ BA Johnston

Jan 16 - The Rheostatics

Jan 21 - GTB (w/ Greg's movie)

Jan 23 - Nero

Jan 30 - Oaxerai

Jan 31 - Oaxerai w/ The So So's (in Lindsay)

Feb 1 - The Guthries w/ BA Johnston

Feb 14 - Fat Cats

Mar 4 - Blue Quarter

Mar 6 - The New Deal

Apr 8 - DJ Vadim

Plus Amon Tobin and definitely a few other shows to come. Yee haw!

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