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yes indeed!!

soon i will be internet capable on my own machine - i can hardly wait to be able to download some freakin music over here! [smile]

so, having been living in a proverbial cave for the past 7 years, i'm wondering what sort of specs i need for the music side of my purchase. my gis needs has already got me looking at a 60G harddrive and 512 memory. So, my questions to you folks are:

the system i'm thinking about has a 56K modem - is this good for downloading music files? or is it the type of internet connection that is more important?

also what about processor speed should i go for - any recommendations?

any other thoughts on this major purchase would be much appreciated

hoooooooweeeeeeeeeee i can hardly wait! [big Grin]

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do you have any hispeed available?

Rogers cable internet, and Sympatico ADSL high-speed are what you need for super downloading. No need for a 56K if you can get that stuff.

Basically get the fastest and biggest of everything you can afford.

Big harddrive - 120 Gigs should be rather cheap these days (around $140)

Big CPU - shoot for AMD Athlon XP 2500 (anything less won't save you much)

Lotsa RAM - 512 or 1 Gig DDR 333 MHZ ram

ASUS motherboard could be around 100 bucks with onboard sound, video and LAN (no need for sound card, video card, or an ethernet card)

17-19 in monitor




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If I can make a suggestion...

If you're going to be downloading a lot of music and other such files, I recommend partitioning the harddrive. If you're going to go with a 120 gig harddrive (which is what I recommend... you can get them for as little as $159.00) partition your drive into at least two sections. You should be able to ask the computer people putting your computer together to do it. Make the first partition only 5-10 gigs, and install the operating system on this partition. Put everything else on the other partition. The benefit of doing this is, if you download a malicious virus by accident and it corrupts your system files, you can simply format the partition with your operating system on it and reinstall it and you won't lose any of your files on the other partition.

Hope that made sense. Have fun with your new computer. I'm envious!

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Originally posted by earthfreak:

hey babyface --- i am thinking about ordering through dell - so i'm wondering, if i do, does the harddrive need to be partitioned before the operating system is installed?

Yes it does need to be partitioned before the installation of the OS. If you're buying from Dell that could be a problem.

I'll be getting rid of the baby face shortly btw! 19 more posts to go and you'll all get to see the greatest Avatar ever!

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