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Decent Gig falls in Lap of Ex-Prog-Rocking-Jammer - Thursday Mar 4


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That prog-rocking-jammer was I.

I used to play a bass while jumping on a wah-pedal through giant speakers and spoke intermittently through long instrumental indulgences with what the thunder said. This for me - made complete sense and allowed me to meet a lot of people I now call friends.

Well ... now I play organ, piano, rhodes and acoustic guitar and have moved to the less obscure Rootsy Country Rocky genre - returning me to what I was doing in a country band when I was 17 years old and on the stage with my Dad.

If you'd like to see me and my new friends kick at this can we The Ragged Bankers will be opening for The United Steel Workers of Montreal @ This Aint Hollywood in Hamilton on Thursday March 4th.

We will go on around 10:15.

Cover is $10.00.

Eventually audio samples will be available, but for now the songs will get their legs on the stage before being put to tape and you'll just have to make out to a show.

Cheers. :chug:

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Apparently a music-less myspace I had set aside for when the time was just right (AKA we were prepared and didn't just have shoddy recordings) was searched for and posted as part of this bill.

So for shoddy enjoyment I scrambled and put 2 tunes up and a brief description here.

Hamilton promoters are just too good to keep things under wraps from....impressive.

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Nice to see some people out and to get a sense of how this stuff is goes over when you play it for the no bullshit informed crowd that Hamilton tends to be.

Well it worked out pretty well.

Some recordings that reflect the band as it is now will emerge in due time.

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