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Calling on Artists


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I am researching a projection installation for a lobby area in one of our buildings. I am looking for a Canadian artist's work to project.

The theme is "inspiring". Images can convey either an environmental message, or any other inspirational message that aligns with our corporate values.

To make the most of this installation, the image should have some movement to it, or morph from one image to another in an artistic way as opposed to being a slideshow of static images. The idea is to have animation/movement.

I am undecided on whether it is photography, digital art or another artform that I'm seeking. I am open to suggestions.

Music will also be played and the art and music should have some sort of relationship. W're thinking of a jazzy lounge sound right now.

Does anyone have any ideas, suggestions, references for people I should contact, samples of work?


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I'm a trained 3D animator, and have been more recently studying Integrated media at OCAD. My focus is in interactive audio visual installations. Work that combines electronics and programming to create a unique audio visual experience.

This could be ambient abstract visuals that are being controlled by an audio element. Or animations that are being controlled by external elements (audience interaction, sound, touch).

I'll send a pm with my contact info

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