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44 Main St. Ottawa - available for rent!!!!!


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Just a heads up to anyone who may be looking for a house in Ottawa, the house next door to us is available! I don't know many details, except that it's very similar to our place, but think how cool it would be if the freaks took over even more of the neighbourhood!?!?!?!?

I'm sure it's cheap.....!!

For info:

Al Coelen (Remax agent)


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Originally posted by FreekerByTheSpeaker:

boys whats the deal?? the "for rent" sign is on the lawn of 44 main not 31 harvey. 44 looks like a sick place...31 harvey i assume is that red building (aka-converted garage)doesn't look so good....please tell me its 44 main

I must say, 44 main looks like a Chalet next to 40 main [Wink]

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