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remember:ALWAYS rave INTO the light!


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for those who remember the glory days of toronto warehouse parties. i actually had brain sparks reading names of DJ's i remember seeing and crazy adventures rolling in some of T-dots shadier "structures".


anyone have any crazy lazer filled rave adventures/stories to share?

"this on goes out to stevie 'ipah deeeeeeeee!...........REWIND!" hahaha !

i think some of my memory loss returned with finding this ^ site....serious flashbacks!

listening to roni size vs dj die from utopia EPIC! all sweaty room, wrapped in black plastic with a HUGE! stack of bass bins and 1 (maybe?2) red lasers?


...and yes i know this is a jamband site...but some of us didn't IMMEDIATELY jump on phish tour after jerry died hehe...i dabbled in what i now refer to as a brief 70's "disco" phase...anyone else want to confess?

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Anything particularly tastey you would recommend? I'm looking at the "HOUSE / TECHNO / BREAKS/ TRANCE" page but it's all greek to me.

tbh, i spent a majority of my time at these parties in the jungle rooms so my house techno recommendations may not be as reliable as others, but all these seems to be streaming so it's pretty easy to click through and find something you like. having said that; i recall seeing dj dan and vitamin d a few times and enjoying it quite a bit. outside of that site (since i don't see any of his mixes BOO!)i would say searching out live mark farina mixes is WELL worth the effort. he played a Valentines show (Bittersweet maybe?) in TO ('99,2000?) that was amazing! STRONG flashback's of him mixing in both fleetwood mac and paul simon (graceland) in his set! three levels of dancefloors with balconies overlooking the main floor, a good crew of friends in attendance,VERY booty shaking stuff that unfortunately i've never found a recording of.

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pretty sweet - I dug out a bunch of my old flyers at home to see what was in there....spent some tiem 95-98 going to crazy warehouse parties before they all went into clubs....not quite enough stories to fill a book but jeebus had some adventures!

Friend of a friend ran Transendance, went to pretty well all of their events as well as lots of Alien Invasion (Destiny etc was too 'clubby' for me at the time...)

Highlights LIVE PA stuff killed back then - I remember guys like Sunkissed or Mark Broom that had the whole slew of gear on a table - SH101, TB303, TR909, TR606, TR808 etc...turned me into a gearhead right quick! Seeing Autechre live... just, wow. Big party at the Ukranian Embassy in Chinatown...lotsa throwdowns from Derrick Carter, Terry Mullan, Carl Cox, Cari Lekebush etc etc...

So many fuzzy, fuzzy memories...

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I got into Jungle hard but a couple years after I got into Phish ('94 -which happened to be an epic year for Phish and Toronto jungle).

I got to see all the greats Dr. No, Nicky Blackmarket, Kenny Ken and the greatest DJ Mickey Finn and 'ohmygollygolly gosh' MC GQ. I wasn't into this one particular mixtape we had of Finn and GQ though coming back from the last Gamehenge at Great Woods at breakneck speeds over narrow bridges in a Lincoln town car. I'm like coming down off acid and they've got they've got the whole car cranking with what I called at the time 'machine gun music'. 'Hey com'inon hey com'inon come bad boy Mickey Finn and he's coming on strong. Wicked Mickey Finn!'. Now I know that tape to death and it's one of my favourites but I remember when I totally hated it.

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'Hey com'inon hey com'inon come bad boy Mickey Finn and he's coming on strong. Wicked Mickey Finn!'.

bwahaha! i believe i'm familiar with that mix! machine gun music is a pretty apt description too. i was never too much of a fan of MC's (too many "who wants a re-wind"s for me) but i was very stoked to find the Roni Size vs Brian Gee at Utopia mix on there! EPIC night of jungle, there were like 3! MCs (warren g, GQ? and debo general?)going hard with some highlarious junglisms! and i believe only 1! rewind the whole set.

"this one's going out to the hard lane massive for all who can handle tha pace!all others the soft shouldah's over there...PULL OVAH!"

"i'm a gonna make you hot....i'm a gonna make you wet ....WAIT!"

and the ever popular:

"WHO'S GOT A LIGHTA?!!!"......oh...my.....gosh!!!!

hawhawhaw LOVE IT!

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