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Evolve Festival for Top Festival in Canada

Jay Funk Dawg

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Wow! Together we’ve made it from top 40, to top 20, and now top 10! CBC Radio 3 is asking Canadians to vote for the best music festival in the country – and we made the Top Ten!

In one week CBC Radio 3 will announce the winner of "Searchlight, The BestMusic Festival In Canada". We need you to vote – again – to help us reach our goal.

Please vote once per day until 5pm Pacific on March 9th. After that the polls close, and the winner will be announced on Grant Lawrence Live starting at 11am Pacific on March 10th.

Take a moment and vote for The Evolve Festival for best Festival in Canada in CBC Radio 3's Top 10 Festivals as voted by Canadians. Evovle Festival has grown to from a small camping party to one of the most important festivals in Canada. Evolve is a one of a kind event that mixes all types of music with social consciousness.


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these "best in canada" lists are stupid. Same with that "best club in canada" one from last year. Who the fuck knows or cares? I'd like to see the list of people who have been to enough of them to actually make an informed decision... it's probably about 3 people long. Oh gee, what do you want to do tonight? well let's catch a flight to winnipeg, i heard there's a good rock club there.

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