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Paul Simon coming to Ottawa


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I won't be able to pick up a ticket when they go regular onsale this Friday, so if anyone finds a presale code please let me know!!!!!!!

OTTAWA — Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel’s latest reunion tour is bringing them to Canada, including a stop May 14 at Scotiabank Place.

The iconic American singer-songwriter duo of behind such classics as The Sounds of Silence and Bridge Over Troubled Waters broke up in 1970 but have rejoined several times for hugely successful reunion tours and concerts.

Tickets for the May concert go on sale March 12 at 10 a.m. They can be ordered online at www.capitaltickets.ca or www.livenation.com, by phone at 613-599-3267, or at Sens Stores at Rideau Centre and Place d'Orléans, any Ottawa Sports Experts location and at the Scotiabank Place box office. Prices range from $59.50 to $225, not included service charges or taxes.

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I too would rather see paul do his own thing too. I guess there goes the bluesfest rumour. Who knows though he may come back for a solo show.

The rumour probably came from this show date. I'd be willing to bet someone in the know mentioned to someone not so in the know that Paul Simon was coming to Ottawa soon and they assumed Bluesfest. I am assuming an assumption!

From what I know at this time, Paul Simon is touring with Art and has no plans for the summer of 2010 to bring out his band.

Pay Day'd

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fack... I had tickets lined up, but I can't get a hold of ms.hux. damn these last minute decisions. I think there's something that saturday that we're committed too, but I don't know for SURE!

sorry wrong thread.

what kind of nostalgia could you possibly have for simon AND garfunkle?

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I saw them at the CNE in 1983. had a great time.

(aside: I got in for free as we knew an usher / ticket-taker who worked there who would let us into shows. years later this guy was arrested in the MLG child sex abuse scandal. He was an usher there as well. after the MLG thing I better understood why he was so interested in hanging out with a bunch of high school kids. we always declined his invitations to go back to his place for some beers.)

after reading how paul simon screwed los lobos I've got issues with him.

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I was unaware of the Los Lobos thing, so I looked it up. It seems it one of those arguments that may never be settled.

Controversy: Paul Simon v. Los Lobos

The group Los Lobos appear on the last track, "All Around the World or The Myth of Fingerprints." According to Los Lobos's saxophone player Steve Berlin, Simon stole the song from Los Lobos, giving them no songwriting credit:

"It was not a pleasant deal for us. I mean he [simon] quite literally — and in no way do I exaggerate when I say — he stole the songs from us... We go into the studio, and he had quite literally nothing. I mean, he had no ideas, no concepts, and said, 'Well, let's just jam.' ...Paul goes, 'Hey, what's that?' We start playing what we have of it, and it is exactly what you hear on the record. So we're like, 'Oh, ok. We'll share this song.' ...A few months later, the record comes out and says 'Words and Music by Paul Simon.' We were like, 'What the fuck is this?' We tried calling him, and we can't find him. Weeks go by and our managers can't find him. We finally track him down and ask him about our song, and he goes, 'Sue me. See what happens.'"

Paul Simon answered:

"I just said at this stage I don't care whether the album comes out without Los Lobos on it. I was getting really tired of it—I don't want to get into a public slanging match over this, but this thing keeps coming up. So we finished the recordings. And three months passed, and there was no mention of 'joint writing.' The album came out and we heard nothing. Then six months passed and Graceland had become a hit and the first thing I heard about the problem was when my manager got a lawyer's letter. I was shocked. They sent this thing to my manager, not me. If there was a problem, they could have contacted me direct. They've got my home number; we talked a lot. If you ask me, it was a lawyer's idea. You know, 'The record's a hit, and there's $100,000 in it.' They had nine months from the recordings to talk to me about all this, but I heard nothing. And it's still not sorted out, because they still keep bringing it up—I heard they'd done this interview for you. I don't want to get into a public slanging match with them, because I really like their music."

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I will also be in attendance. Turns out my girlfriend who pretty much listens to electronic, punk and ween exclusively loooooooooves S&G so we're going (and I spent a large portion of my youth listening to them as they, the Beatles and MoTown were common ground for the whole family so I'll have fun)

Pretty happy with the tickets I got despite the price..... cheapest section but the one beside the next most expensive section, third row.

Section 304, Row C, Seat 10-11 but approach with caution as I plan on being extremely mangled, you've been warned.

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