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BSG - Bluray Full series 149.99


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If I watch the series again' date=' I'll need to buy a case of scotch first. Oh, I believe I'll need a Blu-ray player too; but I should be getting one in teh next few weeks.[/quote']

PS3! PS3! PS3!

So which glass would you drink your scotch out of?

This one

or this one?

Have you been talking to your brother? He wants me to get a PS3 instead of a Blu-ray player?

Oh yeah, I would drink scotch right out of the fracking bottle, Michael Hogan style.


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i don't need to talk to booche to let you know that a PS3 is a much better value than a bluray player.

I use it as a full on media center too. I'm streaming stuff that I've downloaded from my computer to the ps3, can play wicked games (you'd love fight night round 4), and it plays ma'fracking bluray movies too.

for $299, you can't go wrong dude. Oh, and you can get a remote from newegg.ca for $24.99 so you don't have to use a game controller to navigate bluray menus and stuff.

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