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Not really that weird for her.Planning it since may,but finalized saturday,I found out last night.Left this morning around 9.I hoped it wasn't goin to happen 'til after xmas.

Can't stand still too long I guess.Crazy girl.

Forgot about tomorrow night actually.

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Well I didnt make it out. [Frown]

Fell asleep,dam tired from work I was and the thought of waiting until 11 was to tiring Paisley.

On another note,Priscilla(optic throat cut here on jambands.ca) is heading down there with her friends at Greenpeace,same ones she went to India & Afganistan with back in the mid-ninties.Somthing to do with illegal logging within the Deni Indian community in Manus,Amazon,Brazil,but I guess is meeting up with others in La Paz Boliva for awhile before heading into the amazon.

Not so weird at all IMO.

I am honored this woman is my oldest & closest friend.

All the best you crazy gal,come home soon & safe.Love ya.

[big Grin]

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