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one of those days


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i have spent the last three days cleaning up other people's messes here at work. and i am now officially fed up.

i would simply like to leave this place and go home to play ball with my doggie, get the bbq ready for another season of spicy grillin' and spring clean the gardens.

but alas, my ride is still busy until 5pm.

so ... ideas?

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looks like there's only 2 canada dates at all, toronto & vancouver. and to think, last winter, she played a fricken tiny nightclub in kitchener. now she's got an arena sized monster ball!

*edited to add* haha, holy crap, they've already added another toronto show since tickets went on sale this morning!

sorry, unintentional thread derail, phishtaper. :) so for you, here's my favourite time sucking happy inducing webpage! :)


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sorry, unintentional thread derail, phishtaper. :)

No worries, Princess. You are not a Monster for derailing. In fact, I was speaking to my friend Alejandro on the Telephone and he just got Lady GaGa tix and is So Happy He Could Die ... he was practically Speechless. I think for the rest of the day I will Just Dance and hope that the Paparazzi wont besiege me on the way to the car later.

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