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Bob Wiseman makes David Byrne's monthly playlist


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Radio David Byrne


I can’t tell if this month’s playlist is going to be very popular or extremely unpopular. Well, I hardly check the stats anyway, so who knows.

Here are oddballs, lunatics, outsiders, geniuses and folks that are simply different. One is a transgendered singer songwriter on a major indie label. One is a street performer who loves the production music done for such ’60s TV shows as Sea Hunt as well as loving golf and Johnny Mathis — and somehow this man can combine all his interests in a single song! (Oh, could we all do that!) Some are well loved (Daniel Johnston); well known and respected (Captain Beefheart, Moondog); some have written real pop songs (Syd Barrett); and some are demos that I have been handed over the years, and I suspect no one will have ever heard of them.

What is notable is that, except for very few, most of these folks, as outside as they might be, each attempt in their own ways to make music that hews to accepted genres and forms. Their unique takes on what are common forms is what makes this stuff affecting and amazing. For the most part no one here is attempting to make music that is grating, noisy or difficult — as more academic or otherwise sophisticated composers and songwriters might do. They want to communicate, not alienate. This stuff may have some rough edges, but much of it is as real as life and death — and sometimes funny too.



Another Thought Arthur Russell

Cousin Dave Bob Wiseman

Crest Of A Wave Charles Douglas

I'll Do Anything But Break Dance for Ya, Darling Daniel Johnston Amazon

Let's Hear a William Loose Tune Richard Peterson

Love On The Golf Course Richard Peterson

Medication Dave Deporis

Octopus Syd Barrett Amazon

Terrapin Syd Barrett Amazon

Theme Moondog Amazon

Tone Bone Kone Arthur Russell Amazon

Who Am I Bob Wiseman

Ain't No Woman Gonna Make A George Jones Outta Me Daniel Johnston Amazon

Goatsucker Brian Kenny Fresno

Maureen Bob Wiseman

Stamping Ground Moondog Amazon

A Compass Of The Light Baby Dee Amazon

Girl (Of The World) Charles Douglas

High Horse Daniel Johnston Amazon

Keeping Up Arthur Russell

Symphonique #6 (Good For Goodie) Moondog

The Metro Tunnel Richard Peterson

Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Your Grievances Daniel Johnston Amazon

In The Chorus Of Muffled Voices Dave Deporis

Lament 1 "Birds Lament" Moondog Amazon

Mathisization Richard Peterson

Rap Of The Cosmic Masterpiece Zenaide Silva

Suicide Note Charles Douglas

Three Men Bob Wiseman

Gigolo Aunt Syd Barrett Amazon

The Fidgeteers' Anthem Dave Deporis

True Love Will Find You In The End Daniel Johnston Amazon

The Dance Of Diminishing Possiblities Baby Dee Amazon

Lost In My Infinite Memory Daniel Johnston Amazon

You're My Tight Squeeze Mingering Mike

Don't Play No Andrews Sisters Baby Gramps Amazon

Prince Charles Douglas

Safe As Milk (Take 5) Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band Amazon

Keep Punching Joe Daniel Johnston Amazon

Why Spend A Dark Night With Me Moondog

No, The Wheel Was Never Invented Moondog

Running Water Daniel Johnston Amazon

Baby Lemonade Syd Barrett Amazon

Total running time: 2:32

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