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happy birthday bradm!

Big Wooly Mammoth

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Thanks, everybody. I woke up when I wanted to, went downtown for a great Murray St. lunch and then Bridgehead coffee, and then went to Steve's Music for a piece of gear up in the PA section, where the guy behind the counter noticed my (2000 Summer Tour) Phish t-shirt, saying he had the same shirt, and the piece of gear I wanted, which they had, he gave me, free o' charge, even though I hadn't told him it was my birthday. He even had to dig through about three boxes of just collections of stuff before he found what I wanted.

Tonight's dinner, steak and potatoes, was brought to me accompanied by a nice Spanish red wine, and the music of the Built To Spill recordings I made last year (this one and this one), recently burned to audio CDs I'm giving to a friend and which I'm blaring through the home stereo, end to end, purely for quality control purposes, y'understand. A happy birthday, in thoughts, and in deeds. Again, thanks, everybody.

See people tonight! Or next week in Toronto! Or otherwise, I don't know, maybe some other time, or not at all, however it works out!



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Add links to BTS torrents. This was my third edit of this post. So what? It's my free-kin birthday, and I'll edit stuff until I'm satisfied.
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