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Northern Wish

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Im in two. Sleepers, I never know, as they never seem to work out for me. As for tips, I find that hitting is generally easier to come by, except for in the Catcher position. I always try to get one of the top catchers because there's a HUGE drop from top of the league to, like, the fourth best guy. But firstly, I go after SP's as they can make or break you. You definately need a good closer too. So I guess my strategy is to get at least two awesome SP's, one of the top catchers, and a good closer, then Im happy.

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9 Team League. This is my Drafted Team. Not bad but I think I need to shore up some RPitching and a C. Thoughts on this one? Got any hot tips for up and coming catchers?

C Brian McCann

1B Ryan Howard

2B Chase Utley

3B Jorge Cantu

OF Grady Sizemore

OF B.J. Upton

OF Bobby Abreu

OF Torii Hunter

Util Joey Votto

Util Brandon Phillips

BN Rickie Weeks

BN Carlos Gonzalez

BN Bengie Molina

DL Jose Reyes

SP Ubaldo Jimenez

SP Scott Baker

SP Chad Billingsley

RP Andrew Bailey

RP Chad Qualls

P Ryan Dempster

P James Shields

P Matt Garza

P Brett Anderson

P Hiroki Kuroda

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McCann is one of the top guys, so your good there. If AJ Pierzinski is still around though, grab him as a back up. Unfortunately, I really don't know of any prospect catchers except for Weiters, but he's likely gone already.

RP is a crapshoot too, IMO. Guys are great one year, horrible the next, and vice versa.

You have a decent team though, especially if Sizemore gets back to form.

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Hmm, that's a tough one. I didnt notice you had B Molina before...I'd stick with him. He probably has a better upside that Pierzinski (with HR's and RBI), but if you see he's not playing much, AJP is a good option if he's available.

Granderson is a left handed bat (who hit 30 HR's last year) playing half his games at the new yankee stadium. In that line up, with who he's got hitting around him...he'll likely hit a bunch of HR's. He doesn't hit for as much average though, so if you need base hits remember that too.

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Here's my team. Only a 7 people in this pool.


Víctor Martínez


Nick Swisher


Aaron Hill


Chone Figgins


Yunel Escobar


Ichiro Suzuki


Bobby Abreu


Carl Crawford


Kendry Morales

(LAA - 1B)


Mark DeRosa

(SF - 1B,3B,OF)


Hunter Pence

(Hou - OF)


Albert Pujols

(StL - 1B)


Johnny Damon

(Det - OF)


Shane Victorino

(Phi - OF)


Asdrubal Cabrera

(Cle - 2B,SS)

Starting Lineup Totals


Tim Lincecum


A.J. Burnett


Mariano Rivera


Jonathan Broxton


Justin Verlander


John Lackey


Matt Cain


Kevin Correia

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