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Girl Tripping After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Kanada Kev

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My benefits don't cover nitrous at the dentist ... booo :mad:

My dentist looks like Jerry (Garcia), is funny like Jerry (Seinfeld), and when I told him I could get nitrous cheaper in the parking lots at concerts he laughed and says he'll never charge me again for it!!! :hail:

I love going to the dentist :dazed:

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When I was doped up after my wisdom tooth extraction all i did was try to convince the nurse to run down the hall and steal me some hospital pants. I also had surgery on my big toe at the same time as the wisdom teeth and had my foot all wrapped up. When everyone left the room I got up and just walked out of the room trippin' pretty good. They caught me only about 5 feet out of the room. Tore a stitch out of my toe and they had to replace it while i watched....couldn't feel anything.

Glad no one recorded it.

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oh god I wish I had video of my wisdom teeth coming out - I was a fuggin' mess of awesomeness - I remember the doctor counting down and saying 'in a minute you will start to feel...' and while he was going for 'sleepy' I said 'goooooood....' and I was out

When I came to I was smiling and hitting on the nurse, they asked me if I was ok and I started singing and tried to stand up - fell over and started laughing - both my parents where there(I was 24ish and they were driving me home) and they were laughing there asses off as they took my arms and carried me down the hall still singing....something tells me if they saw me doing the same thing at 3am at an afterparty they wouldn't have done the same...hehehe

fuck ya wish I could grow more so I could have them yanked again! Sure as hell wasn't Novocaine - the bill for the 'drugs' part of the operation was $450!! Thank god my student-part time job at the grocery store was a union one...

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