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PEI Judge Calls Junior Hockey Player "Colossal Asshole"


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Link to CBC Story

Junior hockey player Chris Doyle was found not guilty of assault Friday, but received some harsh words from P.E.I. Judge John Douglas.

"If he was charged with being a colossal asshole, I would find him guilty," said Douglas, chief judge of the provincial court.

"Of assault causing bodily harm, I find him not guilty."

Doyle had shown up drunk at his ex-girlfriend's apartment in Charlottetown last September. Testifying in his own defence, he admitted punching a door, which then hit a woman in the face and broke her nose.

But he said he didn't know the woman was there, and it was an accident.

Doyle plays for the Victoriaville Tigres of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League, following a trade in December. He had played with the P.E.I. Rocket for nearly four years.

Doyle had already pleaded guilty to a charge of mischief, in connection with breaking a laptop at the apartment. He will be sentenced for that offence June 7.

The punching of the door was part of a series of events described at the trial. Doyle's former girlfriend testified he came into her apartment uninvited when she had left the door unlocked because she was expecting her roommate.

Doyle was swearing and calling her names, she said, and shoved past her, looking for a man in her bedroom.

The incident with the door occurred when the woman and some friends had talked Doyle out of the apartment and he was trying to get back in. The ex-girlfriend's roommate was struck by the door.

Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/prince-edward-island/story/2010/04/09/pei-doyle-assault-verdict-584.html#ixzz0ki7nt7GA

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