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The Golden Dogs- ElMo tonight (post Barr Bros.)


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This show tonight is going to be unbelievable. Their new album Coat of Arms is a huge step forward for this already hugely prolific live powerhouse. Dave Azzolini sent me this about his intricate planning for the show.

This show is going to be so fun. I've got a choir of chums, lighting cues, little instrument orchestra, a side band that plays off stage. It's a lot of planning but it's going to be worth it.
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This was seriously off the hook. I'd been talking to Dave alot in the couple weeks leading up and he was crazy busy teaching this choir of 12 chums their parts and all this jazz. Jessica too. Coat of Arms is really sprawling and much more dense and organically produced, less overtly hooky but full of meaty hooks and tunefulness. Jessica's used melodically and more fully in a more prominent way. I think they basically worked their way through the whole album (out in May?) starting with Dear Francis and winding through ...Weapons, Old Hat, Lester... it's a bit of a blur and I don't drink. Great crowd. They played encores that were their old standards including Yeah! it got really hair, Taylor Knox was wiling out on the kit. I'll get the setlist off Dave, rabid chick fans etc. scavenged all the onstage copies.

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I got this setlist from Azzolini(shows you how intricate the staging was there was a band setup in front of the soundboard in the audience, and the stage setup and choir setup behind.

Theresa (from the floor)

1-Dear Francis


3-Cheap Umbrellas


(Jess goes to Drums) (All of us have flash lights to maneuver the stage)

Floor Band Goes into twin peaks “Weaponâ€- Jack Wiktor guitar, Morty shadow & lights, Gregory on hi hats


6-As Long As You Like

Dave and Jimmy go into Balloons outro - Taylor goes to drums


8-Underwater Goldmine

9-Travel Time

10-Permanent Record

11-Old Hat

Smoke machine fills the stage – Choir walks on

12-Chinese 4th of July






(Dave Goes to drums)

17- Spark (Taylor song)

18-Grande Programme (Taylor's Song)

(Jess and Dave switch)

19-Needle in the Camel’s Eye




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