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Bonfire Ball Revue (Zeus/Collett/Bahamas) - Kitchener, Ottawa, Kingston


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This tour was unfuckingbelievable from the sounds of it the first night during CMW was off the hook with all of the members changing configurations and instruments with swarming regularity. Bahamas is just a monster of an axe slinger and Jason is such a grand showman that he can keep the circus rings together. Zeus of course are the best house band you could ask for. I taped a quick interview with Carlin Nicholson from Zeus behind the ElMo during The Golden Dogs set Saturday and just got some email questions back from Bahamas who had this to say about the nightly onslaught of tunes they've been ploughing through.

Q: If you had to pick a number how many songs would you say you have in your own songbook that is to say originals or covers that you could play and sing at a moment's notice. How many songs would you say then are in the Bonfire Ball Revue songbook and do you see that level of musicianship (artists having large repertoires they can vary from evening to evening) lacking amongst contemporary musicians.

A: There arn't many songs that I don't play. Of course there are staples, but it's refreshing to change it up and to be able to roll with the crowd. If it's a friday night in Regina and the folks are ready to party and girls are doing Jager bombs at the front of the stage, I usually skip the slow sentimental numbers and try and keep 'em dancing. We're doing around 45 songs every night, so pacing is very important. People need a break to get another beer and visit the rest room...

I'm trying to piece together the skeleton of the setlist they're varying off of - it's a sick show by any measure. But everyone says there's been ample variation and as we all know the '>' symbol can sometimes be misleading.

I'd say if you can catch them in Kitchener (13), Ottawa (14) or Kingston for the effective tour closer (17) you'll be kicking yourself if you don't.

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