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Solar flares from yesterday already caused auroras this morning. Look up tonight - if it is clear and you are not swamped by city light pollution you could see stuff like this, all photographed this morning:


Yampa, Colorado

"Wow! What a show!" said Physical Science professor Jimmy Westlake of this northern lights display over northwest Colorado. He took this digital photo October 29 near his home in Yampa.


Spokane Valley, Washington

After midnight on October 29, the sky "exploded into a very impressive show of mostly green curtains and rays" over Spokane Valley, Washington, said Bryan Nam, who took this photo with a digital camera.


Edmonton, Alberta

Lance Taylor photographed the reflection of Alberta's October 21 northern lights in fish ponds near a power plant on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River.

For more images, check out the aurora gallery at SpaceWeather.com .

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