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free Fireworks show in Hamilton this friday

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apr. 23rd at the bayfront i think, here in the Hammer. Should be good times, its free, there will be around 2 hrs of fireworks, demos of new ones, and some serious professional shit. also, they are having a showdown with some guy from calgary vs. some guy from ontario, who can do the better display. wish i had known about this months ago, my dad can put on a mean set of fireworks, ive got some video and pics on my facebook of last years festivities.

official website is www.cfa2010.ca

who wants to get nice n cooked n watch fireworks with me?????? :bonghit:

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lookin forward to this. Marge, i dont see why not? i think it runs till 11 or so....headphones would probably be a good idea

maybe we should all try to meet up? im not sure where a good spot is down there, im sure ill find newrider at the beer tent, assuming that they have a beer tent, maybe call my cell if you wanna

905 741 1976


heres a bit of the schedule:

730-830 local forts are firing cannons

845 grand opening with professional high grade shit

850 Vulcans pro. demo

910 Mystical's demo of new products

930 calgary guys fireworks show

940 chris kerr from ont's show

950 professional high grade new product demos

1015 they give someone a trophy

1020 high level fireworks

1030 professional cakes from fireworks factory - this will be a great part)

1045 high level show with musical accompaniment

ive got a few candles to light tonight, tell you that much right now!!

hope to see some of you skanky folks down there tonight. there better be a beer tent

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