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The New Deal: Casbah vs New York Bar


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So it seems the boys are double booked...

Is Briscoe trying to 'sound strong' before he has confirmation?

Is this New York bar just out of date?

Straight off tND's site, and the NYC bar web site...

11/15/2003++ SAT : Farmingdale, NY

The Downtown ++ MORE INFO

i see things are going to start with an interesting twist?

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its on the bars website as well...

its just funny with all the drama that used to go on there, this is how they start up...

of course, if the New York gig just gets cancelled, no one is the wiser...

Now, if tND can't get out of the NYC gig, that'll look horrible on Briscoe and The Casbah...

Big risk he's taking .... at least he's close with Jamie...

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Briscoe has had an ongoing relationship with those guys going back to One Step Beyond and Gypsy Sol. I don't think they'd intentionally screw him over.

Me thinks this is most likely a miscommunication between their US booking rep and their Canadian booking rep. I bet the NY dates trump a Hamilton show, at this point.

So tND had better make up for it with a 2-nighter @ The Casbah first chance they get!

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