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Sun Ra Arkestra


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Just finished having my first listen of Sun Ra...

Lots of different things going on from jazzy to funky. I especially liked Track 8 - the whole Space is the Place bit.

So what's the word on these guys?

Sun Ra Arkestra

Caravan of Dreams

Fort Worth, TX


FM>?>CDR (possibly 3rd gen)

1 Discipline 27-II>

This World Is Not My Home>

I'll Wait for You

2 Paper Moon

3 Unidentified Blues

4 Prelude To A Kiss

5 The Shadow World

6 Beautiful Love

7 Spontaneous Simplicity

8 Space Is the Place>

We Travel The Spaceways

Outer Spaceways Incorporated

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Come come now- what's the deal with Sun Ra? He's the brother from Saturn via Birmingham Alabama. You basically can't talk about the Free Jazz movement without referencing Ra. Eccentric does not even come close to describing this iconoclast. That website Esau links is worth checking out there's alot of great information. On a Phishy level it's worth noting that Michael Ray (from the Kosmic Krewe) has sat in with Phish notably at New Orleans Jazz and Heritage '95 (Oh yeah I was there baby Cars, Trucks and Buses with the trumpet) and later for the Phunk night at Jimmy's (we were told about this by Phish' tour manager and fucking missed it- incredibly lame but we were broke teenagers in a far away land). Also Marshall Allen, who now leads the Arkestra (they played Guelph Jazz Fest two years ago), is on the Surrender To The Air album- he is a major stylist on the saxophone and has this sort of hummingbird fine touch that's pretty unbelievable. Actually Marshall Allen has played with Trey Band as well I believe Jones Beach last summer.

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