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Huxies/Witches Gathering in the Citizen!

Rob Not Bob

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The Witches Gathering is bearing down upon us ... a lot of ticket venues have sold out, I think we have at least guaranteed 250 sold so far . This is part of an article in todays Citizen by Lynn Saxberg on what to do this Halloween ... our own beloved Huxies get a mention!

Ritual jam: The fifth annual Witches Gathering at Barrymore's bills itself as Canada's largest gathering for wiccas and pagans. But a witch costume is way too obvious.

With a Viking theme for the party and the spacey jam band Dr. Huxtable on stage, the ideal outfit has to incorporate something tie-dyed, something Norse and something witchy. If you can pull off the ghost of Jerry Garcia reborn as a Viking god, you're on the right track.

Dave Anthony also performs.

The article in full


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