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5 marijuana plants = 6 months mandatory prison?

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Sunday, May 2, 2010

5 marijuana plants = 6 months mandatory prison? Tough on crime on the provincial dime ...

Leave aside the obvious point -- five plants is more likely a kid in college than a small grow op -- note the sentence will send the hapless marijuana cultivator to Provincial custody.

Tough on crime but on the provincial dime.

So long as Canadian law keeps marijuana illegal, grow ops will continue and they are dangerous. But grow ops have at least 60 plants -- usually far more. The cut-off of five plants is absurd.

Tories may revive minimum pot sentences as part of tough-on-crime agenda

By Mike Blanchfield, The Canadian Press

OTTAWA - The Tories are poised to revive a bill that would impose mandatory-minimum sentences on people convicted of growing small numbers of pot plants.

The Conservative government will re-introduce its drug bill this week in the Senate, as part of its continued re-tabling of tough-on-crime legislation that died when the last Parliament was prorogued.

Justice Minister Rob Nicholson dropped broad hints Sunday that the new legislation would revive a controversial provision — a mandatory six-month sentence for people convicted of growing as few as five pot plants.

Posted by James C Morton at 10:06 PM


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