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Dr. Timothy Leary and LSD

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I respect Leary and his legacy but when he comes to mind I always seem to think about...

That there seemed to be two different schools of thought back in the day.

The first was to find a safe enviroment with safe people. A place where you can be comfortable and just deal with you trip.without all the outside stimulus and extra perspectives and paranoia/intesity that a crowd or establishment brings.

The second was that "It" by it's very nature was a Test. You can not put off the enevitable or hide from your own self. The trip is here and now and is solely what you bring. Take it, and deal with it. You can't learn to juggle. You just have to leap right in.

The first was what seemed to be the advice of Leary and the second was that of Kesey/Cassady.

Regardless of what I might choose myself from time to time. The true inspiration of my experience comes ONLY from ONE of these paths.

Flight of the seabirds,

Scattered like lost words,

Wheel to the storm,

and fly.

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