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devil's night - big night in peterborough!


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Tonight is a night I've been looking forward to for a long time --- Harry Manx is playing at Market Hall and Po Girl is playing at The Trash!!! Woohoooo!!!! Harry Manx is scheduled for 8pm so I'm hoping to catch the 2nd half of Po Girl.

Anyone else coming out for these shows tonight?

Also, what's everyone in Pbro doing for Halloween??

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harry manx = creator of sweet sweet music. beautiful set last night, i will not miss his shows ever again. ever.

how was po' girl?

as for halloween plans...

think i'm gonna take full advantage of my downtown top floor apartment and toss water balloons or anything else i can find at the stumbling drunks on the street below [big Grin][Razz]

sounds like a good night to me!

fair warning to the skanks - - proceed with caution on george at brock [Wink] or come on up and get tossin with me!

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i'll try to stop by earthfreak! i think i'm gonna be all over town tonight (hot belly mama's, market hall, gordon best theatre, house parties, etc etc).

harry manx... wow!!! that show was phenomenal! po girl was good but hard to live up to that show that manx put on. but the blue room was packed with lots of friendly faces and they played a nice long show.

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