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Howdy y'all....just thought I would take a moment to say hey to all my good friends that I haven't seen in a while...we are getting geared up for an extremely busy fall filled with good shows (I'm thankful for any opportunity to play my bass), which I'm sure are going to be filled with good people who like good times. We just finished our second session of work with Tungsten on our forthcoming album, and I am very happy to say that we are trying to take the time to ensure that we are completely satisfied with every aspect before moving on....its not always easy to be able to do that, so I am again grateful for the great little room we are working in, and also the patience, knowledge and general good demeanor of Eric Warren! We are having a great time and we'll have some track info available before TOO long, and there will probably be a few little surprises. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi to all my friends who hang out in here, looks like we're hitting the road for most of the next month so I hope to see you soon!



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Great to read your post, Chris ... really nice to hear from you and that things are going well with the recording and live playing.

Looking forward to seeing you and the band in Toronto and Ottawa for the "mo®en" shows (somebody please do better than my attempt at blending the two band names) and for the Kitchener show on Fri. Nov. 28.

Peace, Mark

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This seems like a good place to do some nero-talkin'...

The day after HalloWEEN, Velvet, howler and myself made the beautiful drive from Burlington, VT through the Champlain islands and then along Hwy 11 to Canton, NY, to see nero at a venue on the campus of St. Lawrence University.

The venue in this case was called The Java Barn. It turns out it's not a coffee house, but is instead a barn out behind Java House; the campus has named/themed houses, this house's name coming from Java the country rather than the beverage.

The house gets an annual budget of something like US$36,000 for entertainment, and so they book bands for (free!) gigs, and even end up supplying the band with food (a nice touch). The venue is small, with a capacity of around 50 (it's smaller than Dekcuf). They have a small kitchen area where you could make yourself a coffee, and they lay out trays of snacks (free nero and free cheese...how good is that?), but aside from that, you're on your own.

nero took the stage about 9:45 and played about a one-hour first set. Second set was (I think) less than an hour, and ended just after midnight.

The feel of the show was somewhat different for me this time. In comparing 2002 shows to 2003 shows, I've noticed two things. First, the intensity has been increased significantly. Second, the shows have a more consistent feel. I caught a couple of back-to-back nights in 2002, and found that often I'd get shown completely different ways for a band to be on stage (e.g., loose vs. tight, straight-up rockin' out vs. rage-on party, etc.). The 2003 shows have had more of a narrower range of feel (and the feel is usually intense).

(Please note that this is not a criticism, just an observation; I'm not saying what I like / want or don't like / don't want, just what I've observed.)

This show had a more relaxed, loose feel to it. It didn't rage/rave as much as usual, but went more into happy funky territory. Combined with the small, intimate venue, I enjoyed it immensely. Special thanks to Velvet for suggesting the trip and doing the driving; if things go well, I (happily!) doubt I'll see the boyz in such a small, intimate setting very much in the future.



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