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Sunshine Daydream Veneta movie!!!


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An hour isn't very long, you probably didn't get the whole thing. There are 29 "rar" files for the 2nd disc, probably about the same for the first. Once you get all the "rar" files you extract the mpg file from them. Each rar file is 14.3mb, except for the last one on each disc which is smaller.

Hope that helps a little... Not sure what newsreader your using, but newsbin does a real nice job of combining all the pieces, so all you have to do is click on each rar file for download.

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Originally posted by Raven_Space:

If anyone lives in the Hamilton area, has 2 vcrs and is trustworthy, I'll loan them mine and they can make as many copies of it as they like.

I live in Hamilton,west mountian as its known,consider my self trustworthy,sure a few folks here could vouche fer me,but if its is any easier,I could just lend ya my VCR.

But if its on VHS then it should be somthimg I could find if I searched.

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