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HalloWeen Setlist


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Captain Fantasy/Take me away/Touch my tooter/Mr. Richard Smoker/Dr. Rock/Ice Castles/Golden Eel/Demon sweat/Baby bitch/HIV song/Spinal meningitis/Happy colored marbles/Buckingham Green/The Argus/Awesome sound/Don't sweat it/ "scary" jam(mostly Glenn on keys)/All of my love/You fucked up/ "scary" jam/Puerto Rican Power/Pandy Fackler/Freedom of '76/Voodoo lady/Piss up a rope/Booze me up and get me high/Fat Lenny/Ocean man/Fancy pants/Blarney Stone

E: Put the coke on my dick/LMLYP


In Store appearance Monday, Nov 3rd, 1:30 pm at HMV Superstore

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Fresh from the road to share my thoughts on HalloWeen.

Let me start by stating that I kept bursting out in laughter today just remembering how much fun I had last night.

Me and Stapes and Bradm and Howler pulled into town way later than expected (damn Montreal traffic) and got all hooked up and checked into the hotel to pound a few drinks before calling a cab, meeting the giv'r contigent along the way. Bummed a ride to the show with some Ween fans from New Hampshire (the girls name was Bridey. Imagine life as a Bridey.). Arrived to the sight of a huge linup of awesome costumes. There was a guy with a video camera bolted to his helmet and a jesus with an enormous cross to bear. The was a fantastic Strawberry Shortcake and just a general assortment of festive pagantry. And it turns out the girl in front of us gave Howler the ticket she was direly needing, gratis.

Just as we walk in the room Ween comes on, blazing. This is the best live band on tour these days, and it's their namesake holiday; they're blazing. I was a bit concerned that Gene's voice might not be in top form, because he bailed on some of the high screamers in the opener, but fear not, Gene was fine, and he spent the rest of the night proving it.

We decided to take advantage of the beer garden, which was wisely composed of the entire balcony. Bought some $4 beerses and rocked out. During Take Me Away, Bradm yells in my ear, "These guys might just save rock and roll!" "They already have!" I yell back, both fists raised in the air, getting a deja-vu back to when I was 16 at Maple Leaf Gardens seeing Ozzy Osbourne in '84.

They pulled out Dr. Rock pretty early, so I thought it best to get as close to the stage as possible. I polite-Canadianed my way up to the edge of the mosh pit and moshed my way through to second row. Raging. I love Ice Castles, and I've only seen them open with it, so I was surprised they laid it out. This is where things begin to get fuzzy for me, because I know I was back in the balcony for that one...oh yeah...I had raced up to buy three beers for Howler and Bradm and meself, but they weren't around...Golden Eel had my fists in the air again, twin horns of satan, thrusting towards the noise...screaming in an effort to become hoarse enough to need more beer. Back on the floor with Stapes (dressed as a very convincing Disco Stu) for Baby Bitch, one of my personal faves. Fuck Ween Rocks. I was drunk enough to fuck up almost all the lyrics to AIDS, which is inevitably an audience sing-along and busy getting more beer during Spinal. Marbles! Finally a quebec tune! I wanted to hear the whole album. And thank gawd I was in the balcony for Buckingham Green. I kinda wanted to hear everything off The Mollusk too. Things got really fuzzy for a while there, but it involved me getting carded at the balcony once and...oh yeah...having to wait in line for a few songs to get the guy who believed I'm 35 going on 36. Dammit. Anyway, found Bradm and was in the process of eliminated our only pre-roll when...omigawd, they're doing All Of My Love!!!! I didn't know they did this tune, maybe it was first time played, I dunno, but they NAILED it. Keyboard solo was perfect, Aaron was bang on, it was like it was written for him. Nice job. And loaded bliss up in the balcony!

I don't even remeber them doing You Fucked Up. Too bad, I really like that one. What did happen is I ended up back on the floor and I was a raging dancing manic swirl. I finally was able to do that dance...you know, the one where you move your feet! I was liberated and took full advantage, and if I may say so, I got everybody around me dancing like madmen too. It could be that they were just jumping out of my way and I'm remembering it as manic dancing, but what does it matter. I calmed down long enough to listen to some crazy-ass piano soloing that went on forever and ended too soon. There seemed to be a few big keyboard solos (and he had a Thereman), and the guy got to show his skills a lot more than the last Ween show I saw (Rochester a few months back). Love that Freedom of '76 tune. Shows off how good these guys are.

Best Voodoo Lady I've ever seen, and they've played it (thankfully) all six times I've seen 'em. Oh yeah, that's when all the manic dancing was going on. Then a couple of the country tunes. Love 'em, but I always miss the pedal steel. I'm a sucker for the pedal steel, but really, isn't everybody? Stapes was calling for Booze Me Up, and I'm glad he got it. I was boozed to the tits by this time, and probably a bit high too, but I guess that goes without typing. Was too drunk to notice the mandolin getting pulled out, so Ocean Man took me by surprise. Good tune. Still haven't seen that commercial. The last two tunes killed me. Well, almost. Fancy Pants (ya!) is the tune that was firmly stuck in my head when I awoke this morning at 8am hungover almost as much as I deserved, and the damn tune wouldn't let me go back to sleep, so I could barely keep my eyes open driving back to Canada tonight. And Blarney Stone made me wanna go home and drink a 26er of imported Canadian whiskey, and that's what I did, and I mighta shoulda been killed.

I remember Coke On My Dick like I remember a movie I kept falling asleep through. Not sure if I saw it or not, but I remember some parts relatively clearly. Certainly insufficient for remarking on the quality of performance, that's a given. There came upon the stage somewhere along this time a dude dressed up as a 15 foot tall cat, which I believe inspired the closer, Lick My Pussy. Good costume, and Dean kept waving him back onstage.

Wow. What a riproaring thunderhawking motherfucking good time. Thanks Ween. Of course I was so loaded I completely ignored the merch area and missed out on the cool posters dammit. Sure, everybody else got one, but nada for drunkboy. Anywho, seem to recall a taxi and a bottle of booze at the Super 8 and a whole bunch of friends and a whole bunch of noise complaints and spending about three drinks spreading the truth about George W. to people that seemed to need it. There was pizza and whoolies and lots to try to eventually piece together. I awoke early and climbed over the bodies and hobbled out the door, Gideons Bible in hand, almost bumping into the mid-60's couple leaving the room next door. Hello originator of multiple noise complaints. Completely brain-dead and looking like ass I'm sure, I managed a feeble smile/snarl and waved the bible at them, I believe grunting a little bit, all the while with that gawddammed Fancy Pants coursing through my one-thing-at-a-time-right-now-buddy mind. Sat down to read the dirty parts in the Bible and a group of people I've never seen before waved at me, calling me by name. Eventually my hangover subsided and I woke the room up for checkout. Me and Bradm and Howler made the lovely drive through the Lake Champlain island system listening to Harvest Moon and melting our minds into semi-consciousness. Went to Canton NY and saw nero at this cool campus barn coffee bar thing. Great show, fun times. Made it back alive. Sat at computer. Wrote review.

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What Velvet said!



This is the best live band on tour these days, and it's their namesake holiday; they're blazing

Velvet, you were raging in my general vacinity during "You fucked up" and you were loving life.

Great to see so many folks come out for this. Now there's a few more people that understand why I froth at the mouth when talking about this band.

show good.

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kung, great pictures!

wow, this show was so completely 100% worth the 8hour mission to vermont. the boys KICKED ASS. i found the show to be a bit more mellow than the rochester one, however that in no way took away from its excellence. gener & deaner and the rest of the boys were obviously having a ton of fun up there, and the crowd just loved them.

speaking of the crowd, i was pleasantly surprised how nice everyone was. used to the general hair pulling, shoving and nastiess you often find up close to the stage, i had no trouble at all getting up close to take pictures (as a reaction to my canadian politeness & courtesy, i even had people pushing me up further, as in "what are you doing, get up a little closer"). i also got to spend the last couple songs front row, a mission that was surprisingly easy as pie. turned out to be a good time for front row action, got quite a view when deaner ripped off his costume and strolled along onstage in his underwear.

a truly great show, a truly great night, i am absolutely 'stoked' to see 'em again in toronto tomorrow. thanks again to all the ottawa folks who made the mission, it was just that much extra fun to party with some familiar and crazy faces after the show, and stroll through vermont the next day. looking forward to seeing some of y'all on monday!

and last but certainly not least, littlemiss pink, you rock my world. thank you soooooooooooo much times a bajillion & a half for enduring the road trip. you rule lady.

(ps, doubles of said show should be done in about 1/2 hour, i'll give ya a dingle).

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