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Return of the Star Wars Kid


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You’d better cue that 2001: A Space Odyssey ape music...

For everyone raised in a basement, like Powder, Star Wars Kid came to fame eight years ago, when classmates discovered misplaced footage of student Ghyslain Raza (later branded Star Wars Kid) freaking the f–k out with a golfball retriever, flailing about like some poor man’s Jedi. Since the footage was uploaded in 2002, over 1 BILLION VIEWERS have clicked to watch. In the weeks, months and years that followed, as a result of constant harassment, Ghyslain would drop out of his Quebec high school (a positive?), become clinically diagnosed with depression (not a positive) and also check into a psychiatric ward for children (um…extra positive?).
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Um, what was the story supposed to be about? The premise seems to be that he's back in the internet news again, but he's not other than this article.

I mean, you guys go on the internet. Have you seen anything bout this guy lately other than this thread which is a link to a story that basic says, "Hey, remember Star Wars kid? Us too!"

I appreciate the thread though, 'cuz that version of the video that c-phan posted is awesome.

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