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Set 1:


AC/DC Bag >

Back on the Train



Gotta Jibboo*


Sleep Again

Lawn Boy

Run Like An Antelope

Set 2:


The Mango Song


Drowned >

Swept Away >

Steep >

Makisupa Policeman >

Piper >

2001 >

You Enjoy Myself



*With Tony Markellis on bass, Trey AND Mike on guitar.

Good stream at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/whyflyer via http://jamtopia.com/phishtwit/

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For those who are wondering about tickets for this tour, in his comments for this torrent of last night, the taper notes

Tickets have been plentiful so i was told and I was willing to take a chance. I arrived about 5:00 and met Andy in the lot. I went up Shakedown Street, and in 10 minutes, I had a ticket. Not only a ticket, not only a pavilion ticket, but a TAPER'S ticket! Yes!



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fantastic show... a real smoker! 1st set was very well played with a strong finish. 2nd set was massive- Mike dropping some serious funk and basically owning it. Never a disappointment in SPACatoga.

Fantastic indeed, a serious step up from the first night, and funky as hell most of the night. I really wanted an AC/DC Bag so that put me in a really good mood early. BUT this may sound crazy, but Mike sort of butchered the first couple minutes of YEM. Trey called out for everyone to go right into it, they missed it and then it took Mike a couple minutes to get settled back into it. (he even missed the big hit on "BOY" but I am not gonna complain anymore, Mike has been MVP of 3.0 IMO, hehe)

Gotta listen to this Mango though- thats one of the most messy tunes they play if they don't nail it. If they do they are usually good to go!

I have to listen to it again, but I thought it was pretty much nailed (edit-except for some phriendly phlubbed lyrics)... I love that song outdoors, it always reminds me of the last set of Lemonwheel.

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