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Providing that i get this stupid research assignment done before then...I'd love to go out!!! Sat night I wanted to go to Starlight, Uptown waterloo...Paul McLeaod is playing...if anyone knows him......he's wicked!!!

SO hopefully....I'll get everything done. THen I can party it up!!!

Miss everyone.

Luv Ya


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Guelph! Guelph! Guelph!

I will have to drive wherever it is that we go by myself because i'm working one of my crazy 15 hour days that day [Frown] and then have to work the next morning as well. Can't miss this celebration though. Congratulations Megrocker!!

For those of you who don't know, Ms. Megrocker has been given a very prestigious award from the U of Waterloo for the Most Ass-Kickinest Give'r Belt worn by a smart chick. (I'm not real sure on that one [Wink] ) I do know that it is important enough for the school to pay for her entire term though which is in the neighbourhood of about 3500 Robert DeNiro's [Eek!]

Who wants Jager? I'll be there with bells on baby!

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