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Toronto Jazz Fest


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Hey all,

Has anyone been down to Nathan Phillips Square yet for any of the Jazz Fest shows? Thinking about checking out Taj Mahal tonight via the free route (beer tent) that I've heard about for so many years, but have never tried. Just wondering if anyone else has given this a try yet this year, and how well one can see and hear the show.

Looks like the Herbie show went on as planned last night, despite chaos that unfolded right in that area yesterday afternoon, and nonstop presence of riot cops into the night.

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Just saw this blog posting on the Jazz Fest site:


What's So Good about Marco Benevento


For his TD Toronto Jazz Festival show, Marco will be joined by Andrew Barr (drums) and Reed Mathis (bass/strings); they'll be playing music from Between the Needles and Nightfall. The concert happens at Church of the Holy Trinity, a beautiful space and one which will perfectly capture the trio's ambient sounds.

The Marco Benevento Trio performs June 29, 7 pm at Church of the Holy Trinity. For tickets and information, visit Marco's festival page.

[i'd be there if I wasn't going to be at the Levon show.]

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