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My Brother's wedding (and my new sister in law Dima Bowden)


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This has literally a been a year of elaborate planning, while many weddings are of course elaborately planned- you'll have to trust me on this one.

The wedding itself was at the Hunt Club and the United Minister handled well the cultural union of a Scottish Anglican family and a Jordanian Muslim family, his sermon spoke about how coincidentally when planning the wedding they could have had no idea of the G20 but that what the world needs now is more Muslim Christian weddings.

A scottish piper lead the wedding party in reflecting my mother's families heritage, and then as a total surprise an Arabic drum troupe appeared out of nowhere in full regalia and serendaded the wedding party with various percussion and a vocalist singing Arabic love songs in call and refrain through a megaphone while the Arabs sang back in call and response and the whities were blown away.

Then a killer wedding band really got the crowd going, I worked up (secretly between afternoon photos) Smoke Gets In Your Eyes - The Platters (which was my grandparents Harold and Fran Cathcart's favourite song and played at my parents wedding) in secret little breaks between the afternoon photos.

Just a beautiful beautiful night of music and culture, family and love.

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