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Hold Steady 5.6.2010- new lineup, new tunes

Northern Wish

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The Hold Steady 2010-05-06

Fillmore SF CA

cmc34->aeta psp3->dr2d->usb reader->cool edit pro->cdwav->flac -> V0 Mp3

01 The Sweet Part of the City

02 Rock Problems

03 Magazines

04 Massive Nights

05 Constructive Summer

06 You Gotta Dance (With Who You Came to the Dance With)

07 Hurricane J

08 Hornets Hornets

09 The Swish

10 Barely Breathing

11 Navy Sheets

12 Banging Camp

13 Chicago Seemed Tired Last Night

14 Sequestered in Memphis

15 Going on a Hike

16 Stevie Nix /

17 Most People Are DJ's

18 Chips Ahoy!

19 The Weekenders

20 You Can Make Him Like You

21 Slight Discomfort

22 We Can Get Together

23 Stuck Between Stations

24 Your Little Hoodrat Friend

25 Southtown Girls

26 How a Resurrection Really Feels


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