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My slippy halloween, setlists, Canadian pride


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My friends and I (who aren't giveners or skanks..just peep) drove to Boston on Friday to see The Slip on Halloween night. was longer than expected because of Montreal traffic (and an obscene speeding ticket, but nevermind that) and Boston traffic. This ws my first time in that city and I thought it was beautiful. Definitely deserving of more than the 48 hours that we spent there. Had some tasty beer and went next door to the Paradise, which was a really nice club that, due to layout, affords a pretty good view of the stage regardless of where you're standing.

Overall the show was really good but to tell you the truth...that crowd had nothing on the Montreal crowd, come together or any other Canadian show I've seen. Numerous theories were put forward to explain why that was the case:

1. The show was near Boston College and there were lost of under 21 people there. Less drinking = less fun (and you political correctness people can stay out that one)

2. As above, re:dope and other substances. It seems that the US of A is a little more...ummm...crazy in this department. Actually, alot more. So I wouldn't say there was much of that going on either

3. It's The Slip's hometown crowd, so there's not as much excitement when they play Boston.That does go counter to logic but I guess the thrill has worn off for some.

4.Canadians are, on the whole, better people.

That being said the show was lot of fun. Some of the Jamhub posse was there from NB but I didn't get around to meeting them. There were also some good good costumes there, including two sheepfuckers, an Elmo, what I presume was a brand name (she was stickered with corporate logos). Setlist follows:

10.31.03: Paradise Rock Club - Boston MA

Set 1: ^Spooky Intro, Jam> Soft Machine, *In the Light, "gorilla disturbance", Poorboy, ?, #Happiness is a Warm Gun

Set 2: Cumulus, Decembers Children, %Sorry> "Token of Our Appreciation", "rabbit cello"> @Happy Snails, Sometimes True to Nothing

Encore: $Stand By Me, Baba O'Rielly

Notes: Mahi Mahi opened

BAM was dressed as primary colors. Brad- red, Marc- blue and Andrew- yellow

^a spooky voice came over the PA saying it was time to kill us. His cell phone rings and it's Marc Friedman asking him to just introduce them, since his intro was not going over well.

* Led Zepplin cover

"gorilla disturbance" included a person in a gorilla suit storming around the stage with grunting sounds over the PA. Afro-clad Tim Lanterman bounced his from the stage.

# Beatles cover

%this was played very differently. I think the key was modulated and maybe more than that.

"rabbit cello" consisted of somone dressed ina big rabbit suit faux playing a cello to some song over the PA. They proceeded to jump on the cello and smash it before the band sequed into Happy Snails.

@ with Tim Lanterman on shakers and and a new ending jam with the pipe melody on bass and Andrew back on the kit.

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Originally posted by ahess6488:

*In the Light

* Led Zepplin cover

Nice to know The Slip is following Ween's lead and covering LZ tunes on Hallowe'en. [Wink]

IIRC, the studio LZ version of this features a lot of keys; how did work without them?



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