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Great (and Inexpensive!) Sushi Restaurant in Toronto


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This place is so new they don't have a liquor license yet. But DAMN is this place ever good and the presentation is stellar.

IZAKAYA - Corner of Bay and Elm.

Oyster shooters with quail eggs. ($5.95! The center cup had an LED light changing colours. Kinda cool.)


Sashimi Platter (18 pieces for $13.95! and it came with a salad and miso soup.)


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I've had lunch there a few years ago but haven't followed up. Always looking for good spots in the west.

My favourite place closed down (bc of a divorce- not food quality) and I really don't have a new spot. I've been doing K&B which is an all you can eat place. It's pretty good and fresh but doesn't wow me.

Japango in Toronto is one of the better places I've tried recently. It's small and busy.

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