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Furthur @ Art Park Thursday

Kanada Kev

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fwiw, people may wish to avoid the intuitively closer queenston-lewiston bridge. we have NEVER made it thru there in less than 45 minutes. it's a horribly inefficient crossing. consider the rainbow bridge in the falls instead.

see http://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/general/times/menu-e.html for horribly underestimated wait times,

or, http://www.peacebridge.com/webcam.php for more accurate times ...

as of 12pm, a 35min delay into Lewiston (6 lanes), 10min delay into the Falls (13 lanes). expect an hour delay to get across at lewiston by 4pm.

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from PhilZone

Sitting On Top Of The World


Crazy Fingers

West LA Fade Away

They Love Each Other

Big River

Women Are Smarter

Bird Song

Ashes & Glass

Cosmic Charlie

Doin' That Rag

Hard to Handle


Dear Prudence

Cryptical Envelopment>

Dark Star V1>


The Other One>

King Solomon's Marbles>

Mason's Children

Donor Rap

Johnny B Goode

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Great Party

Set list was surprisingly very early Dead style. Bob seemed to be a little off at the start, his pink guitar could barely be heard thru the system. Second set he redeemed himself with some strong singing and energy. Joe Russo was especially fun to watch.

Lots of great ppl out - I had 12th row tickets that I got off scalpers. Sweet deal!

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Great time at this show. It was definitely the perfect way to start off my recent 'tour' this past weekend.

So glad that we secured tickets in advance cause it definitely seemed like a tough one to secure. Lots of people looking, but I don't think I came across a single person selling.

The Crazy Fingers is where it kicked into overdrive for me. That was definitely on my 'short' list (which perhaps isn't so short)... had that running through my head all night after that. Bird Song was a perfect cap to first set. Dark Star>Other One was a treat too.

I came out of there feeling pretty thankful that I was going to be seeing them again the following night.

First time at Artpark for me. Very cool place... Holy crazy incline on the grass though...definitely have to watch your step while you're boogying. Good thing we moved up. Right by the soundboard...good and centre.

Edit to add:

While I thought I had an amazing time at this show, the setlist that followed the next night at All Good just tore my head right off. In the midst of compiling my thoughts on allgood, so I'll get to that. But in the meantime check out this MONSTER of a setlist from fri night:

Set 1

After Midnight >

Estimated Prophet >

Just A Little Light

Tennessee Jed

Must Have Been The Roses

Looks Like Rain

Brown Eyed Women

Big Railroad Blues

Set 2

Uncle John’s Band

Celebration >

Sugar Magnolia >

So Many Roads

Colors Of The Rain >

Terrapin Station

Scarlet Begonias >

Fire On The Mountain

Attics Of My Life

Sunshine Daydream

Donor Rap


Cumberland Blues


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Thanks for above post edger! You saved me some typing! :)

I really enjoyed this show and am so glad that I made a last minute decision to head to this show before making the journey to West Virginia for All Good. I got tickets for this show when they first went on sale, got rid of them when I thought I wouldn't be going. Thank you Myles for hanging onto your extra for me. There didn't seem to be many extras floating around at the venue.

I haven't been to ArtPark in close to 30 years. A cool venue and a neat looking little community. I hope it's not another 30 years before I return ... I hope to get back there again this summer for one of the free concerts that happens there.

This version of Furthur turns my crank in a big way! I hope they keep it together and continue touring.

In the Ottawa Furthur thread, there a quote from a review was posted which read: "Up front, although it was a little disconcerting to see the youngsters playing the classics, each brought their own flair to the songs. What was missed was the extra percussion work that came with the Dead’s original members, if only because it would have broken up the long stretches of noodling that made fans restless. Many drifted away to other stages."

I disagree with the above quote. Personally, I love that this version of the band is willing and able to stretch things out and experiment musically. They nail the songs but mess with them enough at times to keep things interesting and fresh-sounding, and they explore. It reminds of that band called the Grateful Dead.

Started on the lawn, made it inside the pavilion part way through the first set, and ended up with friends in the centre near the sound board for the second set. I was in that happy zone at the start of the show and then things really took off for me at Bird Song.

So glad I hit up this show before heading to All Good!

Peace, Mark

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