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Furthur 2010.07.07


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Wed. July 7, 2010

Cisco Ottawa Bluesfest

Ottawa, Ontario - CANADA

Set 1

special thanks to Blackie

Alabama Getaway

Don't Ease Me In

Mama Tried

Dire Wolf

Hell In A Bucket


Truckin' >

Smokestack Lightning >

Casey Jones

I Need A Miracle >

Help On The Way >

Caution >

New Speedway Boogie >

Wharf Rat >

I Fought The Law >


Donor Rap

E: On The Road Again >

Touch Of Grey

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I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to the internet. My initial reaction to Phil and Bob bringing in the Jerry clone was way off. I am sorry. I was dead wrong.

That was fucking awesome. Fucking awesome I say. I went in with decent expectations (knowing I would have a good time) and they were certainly blown away.

It's beautiful to see that there is still a little Jerry in alot of us. Ya'll deserve high fives.


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Yes, that was a real treat. Just the perfect set of teasers and pleasant surprises, and while the sound might have been balanced out a little further back, there's nothing like being up at the rail. And man, does it ever look like Phil's having the time of his life up there (esp. during Caution :) ). And that bridge in Wharf Rat? Gold.

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A New Speedway Boogie>Warf Rat? That's awesome!!

Now this is the inspiration I was looking for ;)

Glad to hear you all had a great time, and Booche I am especially glad to hear that your expectations were surpassed...I had an inkling that they might be.

You're bang on about Russo...and I always find Chimenti to be a treat.

I am soo excited for tonight and tomorrow night!!

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Great show last night. One hell of a round trip drive from Toronto and I'm exhausted and elated all at the same time. Highlights were definitely Bertha, Wharf Rat, Bobby's pink guitar and the jam into Help On The Way. I was shocked at how few people there were and how much room there was. Huge thanks to bONES for the ticket and company. Nice running into / meeting Boiler Rat too. Ottawa ain't all bad... :)

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Agreed on the Wharf Rat, that was so surreal. Dire Wolf was one I was hoping for so I loved it. My wife and I had an amazing time. The band was simply amazing, amazing, AMAZING!

I love hanging out with all you Ottawa crowd, we've always had a good time and have been treated great every time. zero, thanks for the company on the ride up, it was great, even though you have the bladder the size of a pea.

It was nice meeting some and running into so many people, too many to name but you are all awesome, each and every one of you.

Nice to see you again bONES and nice to meet you YATS


Dubious looking group there.

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Mind blown....thanks Ottawa, for a real good time!!! It was nice to see the people we did see and sorry to those we missed...I feel like I just stepped back into reality from a trip to 1970, the only thing missing from that show for me was PigPen. Direwolf and New Speedway Boogie were highlights for me. First time at bluesfest and I/we will be back for sure!

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