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Furthur 2010-07-07 available for download


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This recording is significant to me for a couple of reasons. First, this show was my first opportunity to record anything Dead-related; I've seen The Dead, The Other Ones, and Phil a few times, but have never recorded them before.

Second, this recording is the 300th of mine to be uploaded to the Live Music Archive, which makes its Dead-ly aspect even more notable. (The full set of recordings of mine on the LMA is available here.)



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it was a pleasure (as it always is) to run into you before the show. My immense thanks for this recording and the many, many others you have made available to all of us over the years.

I can't wait to begin streaming this: it was a super-special night for me, as after 20 years of seeing the Grateful Dead (and then its many permutations) from mostly "lawns seats" and "nose bleed" sections, I found myself, literally FRONT and CENTRE!!!

**I still miss Jerry so much**

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Which recording do you prefer Brad? No bias allowed.


None the less I love all the 'jail' songs within this set based on Bob getting hung up at the border. Well told story boys. They fuÇking played Caution for fuÇk's sake!  In related news to that evening, you are welcome Ctowns yafuckin'cunt ;)


By the way Brad, your original link points to - The item you have requested had an error: Item cannot be found.


Truckin' sounds great on Chris's pull.

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