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Chicago Culinary Adventure


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In September, Mike and I are going to Chicago for a culinary adventure (and Jazzfest just so happens to be on the same dates we'll be there!)

We're hoping to do everything Rick Bayless, so Frontera Grill, XOCO and Topolobampo (which dictated when our trip would be, I tried to make reservations for August and they didn't have anything available!)

I'm also very interested in The Purple Pig.

Any other recommendations on where to eat or what to explore?

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I love Chicago. I've been a few times over the past couple of years.

You have to try a pizza, obviously. They fill you up quick so don't order too much. I've tried a few places and Uno seems to be my fav.

If you want to drop some serious cash, the tasting menu at Alinea looks like a work of art. I haven't tried it, but I've been drooling over their website for years.

I really liked Tavern on Rush and the Firehall.

Rosebud's is pretty famous, but I wasn't overly impressed. There are tons of great steak houses and even more quality Italian places.

One of the better dining experiences I had was at Bin 36. Mainly charcuterie and cheese paired with wine flights. Fun experience that didn't break the bank.

Have fun!

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Jaybone, I was hoping to hear from you. Uno was on my list but it was ify, now it's a definite!

Alinea looks right up my ally. Beautiful photos on the website, and since it's a culinary trip, the price doesn't seem too bad (especially with the help of free flights!)

Dighy, I would only go see Oprah around Christmas when she gives out free stuff.

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