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Puppy love


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Is that a little border collie puppy?

She is indeed. We weren't planning on a puppy but I was blown away by how smart and amazing her mother was so I surprised my wife with a "lets take a drive" Sunday morning.

how does she get along with mean face?

Meanface is still not too thrilled about the situation


since little Lucy is quite curious and energetic(sorry for bad phone pictures).


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Dr. Evil Mouse was just telling me the other day how much he wanted a puppy and how happy it would make Calamity Jane ;)


They say the way to a mans heart is threw his belly. I honestly believe giving a woman a puppy has a simiar effect. Good on you peipunk!

Schwa and ReDD...I heart you both....you speak truth.

Punk, little Miss Lucy Maud looks soooo sweet. What a fabulous name. Ima happy for you, but envious, too.

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