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Hillside Festival 2010 Schedule released


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And looks mighty fine! What do you think?


- The Colossal Jam on Saturday afternoon looks like a winner: Los Lobos, Calexico, Sarah Harmer, Jason Collett and Emma Bortolon-Vettor.

- I'm praying for The Sadies to be added to this year's lineup

- The Beauties at 9pm on Saturday is going to be the bomb

- Julie Doiron + Gord Downie will be pretty

- I'm looking forward to seeing Charlotte Cornfield again. She was great at the Ottawa Folk Festival last summer in the various workshops that I saw her in.

Also looking forward to checking out a lot of bands I am unfamiliar with. Any recommendations?

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Yeah Jakis, saw Corb Lund a few years ago at The Phoenix and definitely wouldn't hesitate to do it again!

Here's a note that came through on the Facebook site for the festival:

Things To Know In Advance Of Hillside 2010

One of the great things about Hillside is how we are always changing and growing, working to become the best festival we can be for volunteers, patrons, performers and the Guelph community. There are a few different news items and things to keep in mind for this year, the 27th Hillside. So what's new? What's different? Please read on to find out!

Operation Neptune: This year for the first time performers will be shuttled via pontoon boat from the mainland to the island. In the past, the traffic of performers' vehicles and Red Car service has been troubling to our patrons, volunteers and risk-management people. Trying to squeeze through crowds is not only tiresome and bothersome, but it's also dangerous. So, this year we are taking advantage of beautiful Guelph Lake and the service of the Guelph Rowing Club's pontoon boat to get our performers where they need to be. It's faster, more efficient, and even a little romantic.

Shazam! Last year's close encounters with lightning bolts have become the stuff of legend. This year, we have installed lightning rods on the main green-roofed stage and the food pavilion, the only two permanent structures on the island. Thanks to Lloyd Grinham for helping to push this initiative forward!

Volunteer Software: We've gone paperless this year! Jessie O'Donnell, our Volunteer Manager, now does most of her work on-line. The link is on our website at www.hillsidefestival.ca You can upload your resume and references and list the activities in which you are interested. Jessie then places each and every volunteer according to their chosen activities, their skill sets and the spaces available in the different areas. Volunteers and their Coordinators can then communicate with each other and create work schedules. So far, it’s working beautifully!

Rainbow Shift: We’ve moved the Children’s Area from the treed space between Island Stage and the Food Pavilion over to the more open spot near Access Support. We are hoping this obviates the sound bleed from the Island Stage and gives children more room in which to stretch and run. Let the Children’s Area volunteers know what you think by filling out a survey.

Experimental Corn Plastic Beer Mugs: We aren’t selling these this year; we’re just trying them out. If you head over to the Green Team, you may be lucky enough to get one before they run out. They are 100% compostable. They are only for cold drinks, though, as heat of any kind (coffee, dishwashers, hot car on a July day) will make them pliable. If you get a mug, be sure to leave your name and email address with us so we can poll you later for your opinion.

It Gets Better With Age: This year, weekend passes to Hillside are half off for senior citizens. Regular day passes are still available for everyone, but the first 500 seniors can still enjoy the entire Hillside weekend for just $49.50. These passes are available at all Hillside ticket outlets, so go get yours today.

Kick Off the Festival and Kick Out the Jams: Friday night passes are still available, and are only $49! Join us and bask in wonderful performances by Minotaurs, Flashlight Radio, First Rate People, Laura Marling, The Hidden Cameras, Calexico and more for what is sure to be a spectacular way to ring in Hillside 2010! Tickets are available from Gound Floor Music (Guelph), Encore Records (Kitchener), and Soundscapes (Toronto), or online at ticketpro.ca

Welcome to the Hillside Family: With the recent leaving of Paula Perri from the position of Office Manager, Hillside has brought on Jason Timmins and Andrew Townsend in the roles of Event and Office Assistants, Artistic Administration and Marketing & Communications respectively. We offer them a hearty welcome, best of luck, and look forward to working with them to make this year’s Hillside great!

Treasure Maps: With less than two weeks left to go, all of the schedules for Hillside’s acclaimed workshops and performances are finalized a ready to share! Check out hillsidefestival.ca for the right stages, times or tents so that you don’t miss out on anything! Use these schedules to plan your perfect Hillside before the festival, because it’s never too early to get excited!

Celebrate Ontario: Hillside is thankful for receiving a Celebrate Ontario grant from the Ontario Ministry of Tourism to help transform Hillside Inside into a multi-venue, community minded winter event. Keep checking hillsidefestival.ca for more information about this revamped and re-imagined event this winter.

License to Park: All volunteers are given complimentary mainland parking passes. These will be handed out when you receive your volunteer wristband at the gate, but if you want to avoid the lines there is the option to pick them up at the Hillside Office ahead of time. We also encourage volunteers to carpool, take the shuttle bus or ride your bike.

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The weekend approaches.. And I have no f'n CLUE where I put my tickets. FACK!! Time to search my apartment once again.

hmmm, let's all guess where they are ...

i think they are in a drawer with your bills or in your briefcase. maybe in the fridge, but i dont think so.

who else wants to guess?

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did you actually receive them? maybe they were never mailed to you?


I phoned Hillside to inquire, and was told that in fact they decided to NOT mail out any tickets for this year's festival, but that they will all be available for pick up at the gate. This, despite the fact that my email receipt/confirmation says that tickets will be mailed. I've just emailed the festival with a follow-up so that I can have this in writing.

What about everyone else - did you NOT receive physical tickets, like me (apparently)?

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I'm playing with Lee Harvey Osmond at 8pm Friday on the Island Stage, stop by if you're so inclined!

incredible set! loved it. you gusy were really good. heavy weight set of the nite for me. was that actually neil young's sister who sang the last song? lol.

... and was that a china cat noodle ;)

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I'm playing with Lee Harvey Osmond at 8pm Friday on the Island Stage' date=' stop by if you're so inclined![/quote']

incredible set! loved it. you gusy were really good. heavy weight set of the nite for me. was that actually neil young's sister who sang the last song? lol.

... and was that a china cat noodle ;)

Thanks...yes that was indeed Astrid Young. She gets up to sing with us whenever the schedules align.

And you bet that was a China Cat noodle!

I caught a bunch of Calexico last night and they were great. Also Yukon Blonde ruled. Also right after us in the Island Tent was Minotaurs who blew my MIND, especially because they used to be the four-piece Nathan Lawr & The Minotaurs and were essentially a country-rock type outfit, and they're now an 8 or 9-piece Afrobeat band with Nathan still up front. Threw me for a loop but it was way fun. Brasstronaut was after them and they too were great. Saw Royal Wood today before I left, awesome.

Guelph Mercury article from this morning

^ I have to link this, cause I was secretly pleased that it mentions Huron (even though there are only two of us in LHO, not three)

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