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Waba Fest


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This weekend is Waba Fest. We offer 14 bands camping, bon-fire, dinner Sat. This is a family event. There will be a tye-dye work shop and events for the kids. Also a shuttle to near by White Lake for swimming. As for the line-up Caution Jam will play Sat. midnite-3am, No Buds For Bob 3:30-5:00. Also 4-way St., Lightning and many more bands. I have a limited amount of advanced tickets for $40.$50. at the gate.Please check out the web site wabafest.ca for more details. This is located in Arnprior 45min to Ottawa. Link also check out the face book site.

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Technically we won't be TMNS as all the members are not involved-I am still in (Dave Muir) lead guitar and vocals as usual, Terry Calder TMNS drummer is actually on guitar and vocals, Dave Bissessar from the Longbottom days is on drums and our own Geoff Smith on bass and vocals-we may throw in a keys player if we can find one but time is running out.

Dr. Evil Mouse will play a few tunes on acoustic and maybe some others as well....we don't want to have too many performers like last time where TMNS couldn't go on until almost 2 AM.....

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Here's the up-to-date Wabafest live music sked:


Open Jam with Maria Hawkins & Company 5:00-7:00

Maria Hawkins LIVE 7:00-9:00

Chapter 23 9:30-10:30

ThingKings 11:00-2:30

acoustics by the fire


Retrospect 12:00-1:00

Lightning 1:30-3:00

No Buds for Bob 3:30-5:00

Quicksand 5:30-8:30

4 Way Street 9:00-11:00

Caution Jam 11:30-2:30

acoustics by the fire

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