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Junk Raiders

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Anyone ever watched Junk Raiders before?

I was addicted to season 1 last year as the crew fixed up an old warehouse into a high-end, funky live/work studio on a $5000 budget. I had just moved into my own studio loft at the time it was aired, so I was really inspired while watching the show.

Anyway...it's time for season 2 and I am (hopefully) in the running to be included as a cast/crew member.

I guess I am hoping for some good luck vibes on this one. My application has been submitted and I fit the requirements, so now I am hoping to get the casting call ::cross fingers::



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thanks for the well wishes folks :)

if anyone else is interested...here are the deets

Junk Raiders 2 Casting Call

Discovery Channel's series, Junk Raiders, is looking for a talented new crew of people with strong design and building skills. Individuals who have the expertise and imagination to take on a big and exciting design challenge, using only what they can find in the trash. We're calling on folks with solid construction experience and know-how, specifically we'd love to hear from people with these types of skills:

- Garbage salvagers - men and women who know the ins and outs of hunting through the trash.

- Someone capable of making cool stuff out of old technology. Anything from robots, to innovative home entertainment systems.

- A reclaimed furniture builder - someone who ca

n make cool designs from trash.

- An industrial designer who has a keen imagination and strong vision.

- A carpenter who's done it all, and seen even more.

- An experienced welder.

- A handyman who can problem solve their way out of any project.

If you have the skills to help turn trash into treasure, as a builder, designer, carpenter, welder or salvager, email junkraiders@propertelevision.com.

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