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Otis 1994 - 2010

Kanada Kev

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From Otis 1994 - 2010

It was with sad hearts that we made the decision on July 9th to allow our dear furry friend Otis to have the big sleep.

Otis lived a long life and will never be forgotten. He got to meet so many people and dogs in his 16 years living with us.

From the moment we got him we knew he was "special." He was a bit nutty and the breeder needed to be sure that he went to a home where he could be handled (and have nutty owners too).

There are so many fond memories that we have of Otis. We've been thinking of many of these.

Otis was a wild little pug puppy. With good training at puppy school it tamed him a bit. He was even entered into a dog show as a young pup and came in 1st (we never told him that there were only two contestants ).

As a puppy, Otis would come to work with me many times. He ran around on the balcony at the office and had been trained to go in a litter box. He stopped and entertained people along Bloor St as he did the banking with me on most days. After all that work he would fall asleep in a drawer in my desk.

He may not have moved around much in his later years, but when he was young he was very active. He used to love to go on 4 hour hikes with his other doggie buddies Misha, Shala and Vader. He kept up and did his best.

Otis traveled a lot with us as well. Anytime we went on a road trip where he could come along, he did. He walked the streets of Manhattan, rode the NYC subway and frolicked in Central Park on a trip to NYC (and was herded by Binx the wonderful Border Collie in Long Island). Many trips to Upstate New York (going to Saratoga to see the Dead, Rochester trips visiting the Longos and going to Lake Placid in '95 to catch a couple of Phish shows with Earle (he scared the begeezus out of me when he ran out the hotel room sliding door and out on to a frozen Lake Placid chasing a couple of hippies .... Otis, not Earl ). He was in the car and heading to the cottage with us relentlessly to Boshkung and Haliburton.

From a young age he did have a special affection for my Dad's cocker spaniel named Coco. He didn't really care for many other dogs, but she really had him in a spin. Speaking of which, that used to be his big "trick." On the count of 1,2,3 he would spin in a circle wildly only to stop and spin in reverse to unwind. It had been many a year since he spun like he did in his glory years ;)

Otis did slow down a bit when his little sister was brought home (Marley). He put up with all her pestering and puppy antics. He was gentle and forgiving as she quickly took over as the Alpha Pug. He was happy to be her pillow every night and allow her appetite to get any treats/scraps first.

There were a few people that Otis had unique relationships with. Darlene's Mom looked after him when he was just a year old for two months while Darlene and I traveled in Europe. They had their quiet connection and was fun to watch them interact. With Bryn, he had a great buddy to hang out with. Whether at the house on King Street, or at a cottage, he'd always hang out by Bryn and get his favourite little samples of cold beer. Ewan was always there for Otis when we were out of town and the dogs had to stay at home. While Marley gives Ewan a bit of the 'cold shoulder' Otis always was happy to see Ewan. He even spent one Christmas with Ewan and his family while Darlene and I were on our honeymoon. Otis knew he was being looked after by someone who really cared for him.

Otis was there to welcome his two human siblings when they arrived on the scene. Just as he had put up with Marley as a puppy, he dutifully managed to deal with Jack and Cassidy as babies and toddlers. He loved the fact that they would drop food on the floor so much. Jack would love to snuggle in with Otis in his bed while having his bottle. Otis also managed to deal with Cassidy dressing him up as a princess and putting hats on him (Darlene did too). Jack and Cassidy have always had him around. They knew that his time was coming soon and they were very understanding. Even so, they've had moments where the memories and feelings have overwhelmed them.

The house feels emptier without Otis. We're getting used to it. It still seems strange not having him underfoot while trying to work around the kitchen, or not having to deal with his odd penchant for eating paper products and dental floss. While Marley has transitioned quite comfortably in becoming a single-dog ... we know deep inside she still misses him.

I've attached a link to a quick little video of some shots of Otis (and an Otis Redding soundtrack). A lot of our pics of him were in the pre-digital camera era and have yet to be scanned.

I am sure I will think of many more moments that were experienced with Otis as my memory is jogged. He will always be in our thoughts, memories and hearts.

Farewell Otis. You really were a GREAT dog.

Kevin, Darlene, Jack, Cassidy & Marley

VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hww_hFhOERQ or here

PICS: http://picasaweb.google.com/kanadakev/Otis19942010?authkey=Gv1sRgCJ3y6PeXvqHkNg&feat=directlink

From Otis 1994 - 2010

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Oh, I'm so sorry for your loss. I couldn't even finish reading your post and there is no way I can even watch the videos right now and I have never even met Otis! Pets are special, and I know how difficult this must be for you.

When I get home tonight, I will forgive my cats for peeing all over the basement floor.

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oh! that brought a tear to my eye. i have my own little puggie here beside me who i will give an extra squeeze tonight.

big hugs to you and sorry for your loss. i have been there and i know it hurts like crazy. (((((((((((((( )))))))))))))))

i'm sure otis will be there waiting for ya, many years down the road. :)

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I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for all the kind thoughts and words from you guys. Very touching and heartfelt. We're all doing fine and Otis is still with us in memories and our hearts.

I remember Otis very well, and his craziness at Lake Placid in 1995 (and Earl's).

beams to you and the family (including Marley).

Can you believe that was 15 years ago!?!?!? Otis had a special nose for a certain smell after that trip ;) Could have gotten him a job at the airport :D

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