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Prince Plays Surprise Show to 500


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Thanks to AD for sending me this. I'm shivering in envy.

Prince in Paris

This is a classic Prince move. He gets a band together and puts on a killer late night show at some small club for the VERY lucky few who either happen to be there or have caught wind of the surprise

Full Setlist...wait...fucking SIX encores???

Start: 2:30

Stop: 6:15


02.Brown skin (?)

03.I've never loved a man

04.Baby love

05.Beautiful strange

06.Sometimes it snows in April


08. (?) w/Uptown interpolation

-----Encore 1------

09.When will we b paid?

10.Que sera sera

11.Controversy w/Housequake chants

-----Encore 2-----

12.I love u but i don't trust u anymore


14.The ride

15.Miss you



-----Encore 3-----

18.How come u don't call me anymore? w/Please please please

-----Encore 4-----

19.Shake your body

20.Everyday people

21.I want to take you higher

-----Encore 5-----

22.Purple Music / All the critics love u in New Morning

23.Dance (disco heat)

------Encore 6------

Piano Set

24.Diamonds & pearls

25.Raspberry beret

26.Starfish & coffee

27.Venus de Milo

28.Still waiting

29.Future soul song

30. "Oh New Morning" - Purple Rain

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