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Stones To Retire After 'Farewell' Tour?


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I checked their site and there isn't any info about this on there, and none of the major news groups seem to be reporting it (yet) so I guess we'll see.

Regardless, 50 years..wow. What a run.

Stones To Retire After 'Farewell' Tour?

The ROLLING STONES' next tour will reportedly be the band's last - the veteran rockers are said to be eyeing retirement after one final trek.

The legendary group is set to conclude a career of more than 50 years on the stage with a series of stadium concerts across the world, which will mark their final live shows together, according to Britain's The Sun.

The newspaper reports the musicians are in talks with executives at concert promotion company Live Nation to put on the gigs next year (11).

A source tells the publication, "They're likely to perform in stadiums. It's almost certainly the last full-scale world tour. The band realise that age is creeping up on them. They want to bow out on top of their game, and not short-change fans."

The Gimme Shelter hitmakers previously launched a 'farewell' trek in 1971, before they relocated from their native Britain for tax purposes, and they gave up touring for eight years between 1982 and 1990.


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Until either Mick or Keith dies I don't think they'll ever stop. They have even said they'll tour without Ronnie.

Yea, but as The Stones they pretty have to put on big shows, big tours (usually world tours) just to keep the fans happy and at their age it's gotta start taking a toll on them I imagine. I mean Charlie is 69, Mick & Keith both 66 and Ronnie's 63

I could see them calling it quits as the Stones but not as working musicians and playing smaller shows, smaller tours with their solo stuff or something like that maybe. Hell, Ronnie could always go back and play the adult contemporary casino gigs with Rod.. loljb.gif

Wait and see I guess, until they as a band announce it, I don't consider it official.

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