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The Talk about Bobby being dosed at the Nokia last night....


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is absolutely disgusting. I have watched a couple of youtubes and he truly is a mess. If this truly happened, who the F^%& would do that? This isnt the 70's anymore where he could pull it together and fake his way through it pretty well.

damn take a watch on one of the vids...

As stated on PT.. you can sit through the whole trainwreck or fastforward to 4:57.

How was he in Ottawa? Nothing like this I presume?

He could just be having one of those moments... he is in his 60's... he's never been super strong remembering lyrics anyways... discuss.

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Check out Davey Boy 2.0's review for the bons mots on the Bluesfest show. I thought he was spot on (Truckin' gaffe aside) through the whole set at Ottawa. Rumours are stupid things to have to deal with. It does say something that he look so frustrated with himself, but damned if I haven't been there a million times before.

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and all was well last night:

By Taperrob (Taperrob) on Thursday, July 29, 2010 - 08:42 pm: Edit


Phil to Bobby, "never drink out of something you haven't poured yourself". Phil then hugs Bobby

Set 1:

Dancin' in the Streets>



Tennessee Jed

Reuben & Cerise

Money For

Gasoline, Mississippi Half-Step> Let It Grow

crazy second set:

Set 2: So Many Roads, Seven Hills Of Gold> Dear Mr Fantasy> Jam> Dark Star(v1)> Unbroken Chain> The Other One> The Eleven> Death Don't Have No Mercy> Dark Star(v2)> Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad> We Bid You Goodnight

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wow. If that's what happened, he took it extremely well.


UPDATE [7/29 - 8:34PM]: At last night’s show, Furthur’s Phil Lesh stepped to the mic and said “never drink out of something you haven’t poured yourself” and then hugged Bob Weir at the start of the gig insinuating that Weir was dosed with a psychedelic drug. Dosing a 62-year-old is just not right. [via TaperRob of the PhilZone]
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