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Happy Birthday Jerry

Kanada Kev

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The Palace at Auburn Hills, Aubern Hills, MI (Monday, 8/1/94)

Picasso Moon


The Same Thing

Stagger Lee

Childhood's End

The Music Never Stopped

Victim or the Crime

Scarlet Begonias ->

Fire on the Mountain

Samba in the Rain

Estimated Prophet ->

Drums ->

Space ->

Watchtower ->

Stella Blue ->


E: Liberty

15 Songs

* Jerry's 52nd Birthday

I helped carry Jerry's birthday card in for the show. It was a roll of paper at least 100 feet long laid out in the lot all afternoon so fans could sign it. Wish I could remember what I wrote on it.

Enjoy that great gig in the sky fatman!

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Played Compliments today. Great album.

1. Let It Rock

2. When the Hunter Gets Captured By the Game

3. That's What Love Will Make You Do

4. Russian Lullaby

5. Turn on the Bright Lights

6. He Ain't Give You None

7. What Goes Around

8. Let's Spend the Night Togeter

9. Mississippi Moon

10. Midnight Town

11. That's A Touch I Like

12. Road Runner

13. It's Too Late

14. I'll Forget You

15. Tragedy

16. Think

17. I Know It's A Sin

18. Lonesome Town

19. Cardiac Arrest

20. Back Home in Indiana

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